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Inside Trapped from the Nice Chair, Harley converts thirteen years old but her friends forgets the girl birthday

Inside Trapped from the Nice Chair, Harley converts thirteen years old but her friends forgets the girl birthday

She plans to have them sidetracked wishing to utilize it to get some guilt items to encourage the woman mothers to offer the girl Rachel’s nice chair. Georgie assists the woman know that it’s a good idea in order to enjoy along with her relatives.

Then again Ellie’s relative, Aidan Peters actions into accept Bethany next-door

Included in household members culture, after turning thirteen, Harley starts working in the girl father’s store within the Trapped regarding Slushinator. She invents an excellent slushy servers running on Lewie and you will Monster so you’re able to persuade the lady dad one she will get it done. Tom is pleased from the Harley’s functions principles and you can acquisitions the girl an enthusiastic genuine servers. Since that time, Harley has been running the latest slushy host section regarding special restrict entitled Harley’s Slushy Shack. Once the owner of your Slushy Shack, she’s had to endure the pressure out-of hiring and you will capturing people including Cuff inside the Trapped using my Sister’s Sweetheart and Phil from inside the Trapped in an excellent Slushy War.

In Trapped in the Diaz of our own Lifestyle, Harley is actually shed toward possible let you know named Lady Ability to reveal the girl inventions. But not, after realizing that the brand new manufacturers are more seeking family unit members crisis than the lady developments, she has got the entire friends to get rid of the fresh new reveal. She sooner or later gets to appear on another favourite inform you regarding hers, “Dance Using my Dad” from inside the Caught Moving with my Dad.

To simply help funds on her behalf inventions and you can boost currency to many other one thing, Harley will works techniques to improve currency. When you look at the Trapped having a man to your Couch, she privately rents its home in order to a transfer pupil to return for a separate pill. She rents its entire home in order to Colt Bailey in the Caught having a hook, Range and you can Sinker. In Caught as opposed to a trip and in Stuck Dancing using my Father, she goes to higher lengths to help you convince Rachel to-drive the woman so as that she can meet rich men and women to spend money on their developments. Within the Trapped throughout the Harley Car, she initiate Harley Care and attention babysitting company to increase money to fix the new Slushy Shack. Ethan facilitate the woman understand that she ran past an acceptable limit, trying to make currency.

Harley visits this lady earliest college or university dance for the Trapped that have a good Son Wizard. Once getting confident from the Rachel and you may Georgie so you can ask their internet buddy, Josh to get the girl date with the moving, she does it. Unfortunately, as it happens you to definitely Josh is actually a good 9-year-old. Harley spends the night getting ashamed and you can laughed within of the almost every other college students. Once they nominate her and Josh since the specialized queen and you can king, she spends the ability to show-off their advancement and set into an amazing moving let you know.

However, she gets caught up and you can secretly takes over Ethan’s Star Journey organization making sure that she can benefit by simply making Ethan simply take this lady babysitting charge on the trips

Inside the Trapped having a detrimental Dictate, Harley try heartbroken whenever this lady best friend, Ellie Peters leaves town getting good boarding school. Harley and Ellie would do some thing per other regardless of the competition amongst the Diazes and you will Ellie’s mother, Bethany Peters. Harley was remaining versus a best friend up until an alternate lady, Sophie Adams touches Marshport Highschool.

Whenever Rachel departs your family to go to school in the Paris inside the Stuck which have Rachel’s Wonders, Harley seems in control to own some one complete Rachel’s boots. She seeks brushing Georgie as the newest Rachel from inside the Trapped with a Diaz Down, it doesn’t work aside. She tries using Diaz master character herself however, most of the the girl items of advice find yourself backfiring. She realizes that no-one can replace Rachel. With Rachel aside, Harley thinks she’ll have a crisis-totally free existence. In the Stuck inside Camp In pretty bad shape the new residents start a tough competition. And work out one thing bad, Aidan touches Harley’s school and you will attends the their categories in the Trapped that have Harley’s Bethany. Aidan drives Harley very crazy one Ethan decides to set him from the “Inactive to help you Diaz” listing into the Harley’s account.

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