Home GetItOn review Independent predictors from condom explore at past sexual activity was indeed generation and you can section off house

Independent predictors from condom explore at past sexual activity was indeed generation and you can section off house

Independent predictors from condom explore at past sexual activity was indeed generation and you can section off house

Condom use at the last sexual intercourse was nearly 4 times higher among 15 – 19 year-olds compared to the 10 – 14 year-olds (OR = 3.69, 95% CI = 1.21 – , P = 0.022). In terms of district of residence, Rufiji was made a reference category and the rest of the districts were compared to it. The odds of condom use in Kigoma was approximately 7 times as high as that observed in Rufiji (OR = 7.45, 95% CI = 1.79 – , P = 0.006). Similarly in Kilombero, the odds of condom use was approximately 9 times as high as that observed in Rufiji (OR = 8.89, 95% how to message someone on getiton CI = 2.91 – , P < 0.001). It was also about 6 more likely among adolescents in Ulanga than those in Rufiji (OR = 5.88, 95% CI = 2.00 - , P = 0.001). The likelihood of condom use among adolescents in Kigoma, Kilombero and Ulanga was statistically similar.

Simultaneously, i re also-fitted the new multivariate logistic regression model simply for this new old teenagers (Dining table cuatro) and discovered comparable leads to the individuals exhibited from inside the table step 3.

Tests was in fact accomplished to evaluate the fresh new adequacy of logistic regression models showed in the desk 3 and you will dining table 4. Brand new Hosmer-Lemeshow jesus off match sample within basically needed number of communities exhibited zero proof lack of easily fit in the fresh models (P > 0.05). Furthermore, zero statistical communication (feeling modification) try noticed.


This research has shown one to condom play with among teenagers in the five districts in Tanzania, particularly Kigoma, Kilombero, Rufiji and you will Ulanga isn’t associated with the multiple intimate couples. I discover proof association of condom fool around with by generation by region off home.

The outcome not is the fact a large amount of teenagers take part in the intimate products stealthily plus concern about condemnation and you will mistrust

Despite the reality best and you may uniform condom use suppress STIs effectively [ten, 11], a serious proportion of one’s teenagers on the investigation area remains prone to contracting STIs and unintended pregnancies. It is evident on expose studies and this suggests that certainly one of the brand new sexually energetic adolescents, 61% did not have fun with condoms from the history intercourse and you can regarding 42% ones claimed which have had gender having numerous lovers from the last 12 months. At the same time, more than around three-5th of those revealing multiple people don’t explore condoms on its history sexual activity.

The possibilities of condom have fun with was high among elderly kids (fifteen – 19 season-olds) compared to young of them (10 – 14 seasons-olds), maybe because of degree differentials throughout the indication and prevention out of STIs while the former could have got longer connection with sensitization messages. Which observation try consistent with anybody else off their degree [28, 29]. Yet not, the new frequency regarding numerous sexual partners was comparable among the many younger additionally the earlier teens. That is probably connected to the undeniable fact that they are both into a change into adulthood, ergo experiencing most of actual, psychological and you may psychological transform and also being determined by peer behaviours .

The lower quantity of condom play with used in Rufiji compared to almost every other areas is generally partially owing to the point that outlying residences (Rufiji as the most) are usually coordinated that have low levels out of condom use and now have inequality in the condom use of . It may also be linked to variations in cultural norms and you may differentials within the the means to access information, correspondence and training .

Even when parents or guardians could possibly be the most readily useful entry point so you can started to adolescents, that intercourse-related issues are extremely delicate pose a good problem to revealing them yourself. In a lot of groups, premarital gender was culturally or religiously forbidden and youngsters engaged in it are thought to be misbehaving. Ergo, not simply the unfriendly ecosystem having accessing condoms or other reproductive wellness functions that matters, but also teenagers are afraid to shop for condoms, especially in open shops . This requires adolescent-friendly sex and you will reproductive wellness interventions hence fully respond to for example contextual limits.

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